Friday, March 4, 2011

Days 21 - 25: Light At the End of the Tunnel on the Animals!

Haven't posted progress in a while as we were really busy getting ready for Derek's first birthday party with lots of cupcake baking and decorating (Seasame Street characters) and then getting the house ready for the party. Now that that is over and done, I am back at the puzzle. Still some slow progress as Derek was sick for a while, hubby was sick for a bit, and now I've gotten it too. No fun at all.

Here are some new pics of my progress on the animals. As you can see, it's mostly just the camel, horse, and donkey left as big animal sections. Hoping to check those off the list by the end of this next week.

I think I will focus on the clownfish next as I know they will be a lot of work since the colors are so much alike on many of the fish. And, I will save the water line area for last. Should be fun! I'm excited about making even further progress soon.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Days 16 - 20: Animals Galore!

Okay, I'm finally on a good streak of getting to work on the puzzle a bit more. I've spent about a week working on it again and have made some pretty good progress on the animals as you can see below.

Here's a bit more of a close up of the animals. I'm still amazed at how small the animals look on the puzzle poster and how big they actually are when you put them on the puzzle board.

I'm definitely feeling like I've got some good momentum on this now, and I want to continue working on it more and more. I truly feel, if I had the time, I could work on it all day. It's still difficult to find time to get to it with a 1-year-old around and a husband who also needs attention once Derek goes to bed.
Alas, I will get there - eventually. Derek will probably be in high school when I put in the very last piece of the very last section, but what can I do?  LOL

Monday, January 24, 2011

Days 11 - 15: Balloons and Animals

Finally!  A chance to work on the puzzle for several days in a row.  It was in small increments, but nonetheless, some progress at last.

Close ups of the mostly finished balloon section.

The balloons are mostly done now with all the pieces I have managed to find in my initial sorting. I am sure there are a ton more pieces mixed in with the clown fish as it was sometimes hard to tell where it went.  When I started the sorting, I had not yet worked with any of the pieces so I really didn't have any "experience" to say, oh yeah, that's definitely a clownfish piece.  So I'm sure that's where most of my remaining balloon pieces will be found later.

I also started on the animals. I was amazed at the size of the "leaping" cheetah (or is it a leopard?). He's quite large (more than 20 pieces across).  I have also assembled most of the "sitting" leopard, the larger zebra, small parts of the smaller zebra, and most of the largest giraffe. The two zebras, so far, have been the hardest of the animals. The stripes on the larger zebra go in different directions at times making it a bit more confusing.


The two smaller giraffes have been started as well, but are not quite finished. I will start working on the elephants next, and probably the panda bear.