Monday, February 14, 2011

Days 16 - 20: Animals Galore!

Okay, I'm finally on a good streak of getting to work on the puzzle a bit more. I've spent about a week working on it again and have made some pretty good progress on the animals as you can see below.

Here's a bit more of a close up of the animals. I'm still amazed at how small the animals look on the puzzle poster and how big they actually are when you put them on the puzzle board.

I'm definitely feeling like I've got some good momentum on this now, and I want to continue working on it more and more. I truly feel, if I had the time, I could work on it all day. It's still difficult to find time to get to it with a 1-year-old around and a husband who also needs attention once Derek goes to bed.
Alas, I will get there - eventually. Derek will probably be in high school when I put in the very last piece of the very last section, but what can I do?  LOL


  1. Way to go, Penny. I haven't touched mine since February 2nd. I'm hoping to get some in either tonight or this weekend. I have to get it done now that it is no longer the largest puzzle out there. That new, ugly one is out. :( BUT, I will still try to give it some fame locally. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks, Cortney. I actually am going to update again today. I've gotten quite a bit more done on the animals. Biggest parts I have left are the camel, horse, and donkey. Everything else is pretty small or one of the animals in the water.

  3. Thanks, Cortney. I am actually getting ready to do another update this morning. I have made more progress on the animals and the biggest things I have left are the camel, rear of the horse, and the donkey. Everything else is mostly done, but needs to be filled in in a few places. I think I will start on the clownfish next and save the blue water section for last. I know the clownfish will not be easy though.