Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OK....Not Quite As Ugly As I First Thought

After looking at the "Double Retrospect" puzzle by Ravensburger again, and reading a few blogs from people who have either completed or are currently working on it, I have decided it's not quite as ugly as I first thought. LOL I still don't have any desire to purchase and do this one myself, but I can at least find a few cool things about it now. I guess part of why I didn't like it initially is that it doesn't have the pretty details like the Life puzzle has.

It seems that the same people (or a good copy cat) who created the Life puzzle website have created a new site for Retrospect. The site is almost identical to the one created for the Life puzzle, and it's been fun reading the new Hall of Fame stories as almost all of the people who have completed this new one were also members of the original Hall of Fame from the Life puzzle.

I especially liked seeing the story from Andrew and his family of Singapore. For this new puzzle, it appears they were the first in the world to complete. I remember their story on the Life puzzle site. His little girl was only 12 months old at the time they first started working on it. He posted a really cute picture of her sitting in the Life puzzle box. In the Retrospect Hall of Fame posting, she's now 3 years old. It's like watching his kids grow up. It's neat to see that both she and her older brother helped their parents work on the puzzles. What awesome memories they will have as they get older and remember all the fun times they had working on it as a family. That's what I'm hoping I will have with Derek when he's old enough to start helping me with mine. Right now all he would want to do is throw the pieces, pull the puzzle roll off the table, and demolish my painstaking progress to date. LOL So until he's about 4 or 5, I think he will have to be banned from the puzzle room. :)


  1. Traitor! LOL! I was hoping we could hate it together. But I suppose you're right. I have never been a fan of art-deco type stuff (if that is the right term) but I would probably still put it together for the pure fact of the challenge. Glad to see you posting again and looking forward to more!

  2. Yes, I am a traitor I guess. I still don't like it much at all, but I at least don't absolutely hate it anymore. LOL

    1. I guess I don't like it as a piece of art, but a puzzle.....anything is possible for a puzzle. :) Except completely black puzzles or a repeating picture or a pile of jelly beans. Those are just downright annoying and shouldn't be considered great puzzles. They are just "hard" because you have to try every piece with every piece. (kind of like the numerous solid white pieces in Retrospect). To me, that is not puzzling. Puzzling is an art of intelligence to me. One that using your eyes, mind and deducing skills to figure out where pieces go. So you can look at a piece from a pile of pieces and pick it up and know right where it goes. Know what I mean? That's the main reason I don't like the Retrospect. It's a lot of trying pieces. I don't want to try. I want to know. Does that make sense? Not sure if I explained it well. Anyways, let us know an update!