Tuesday, January 29, 2013 think you are sooo funny, huh?

I have come to realize why I subconsciously put off doing the clownfish until the end, even though I said numerous times that I would do them in the beginning right after the border and hot air balloons were completed, they are a HUGE PAIN IN THE ARSE! LOL As most people before me on the Life Hall of Fame website will attest to, this is definitely going to be the most challenging part of this section. The colors are vibrant, but there's at least 5 different clownfish that are yellow and white! How am I to know which piece goes to which fish? Four or more pink and white clownfish, multiple green ones, etc! It's crazy... I know there are very subtle differences in each fish even when they are the same color, but good lord it's not easy finding the pieces. Sorting for me on this part has also been difficult since there are pieces which have yellow, pink, and blue parts to them. Which pile do you throw those in? Eeekk! I will be posting more pictures here in a few minutes, but just had to get this off my chest while I was thinking about it....clownfish, I don't like you so much anymore. :) Bad fishies! Bad, bad, bad!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Real Progress Finally!

As promised, I am posting the most recent pictures of the puzzle progress as of today.  As you can see I never did follow my own advice and work on the clownfish.  I ended up finishing the animals and then doing the animals coming out of the water and the water line itself.  And now, I have started working on filling in the sky and mountains around the hot air balloons.  LOL

So it looks like I ended up saving the worst for last with the clownfish...oh well, I love a good puzzle challenge anyway.

Here's a couple of overall shots of the puzzle:

Close up of the animals:
Close up of balloons:
Top part of the animals on the right side:
It feels soo good to finally be back to puzzling on a regular basis. I can't wait to get most of the sky and mountains done so that I can get to the last major section - the dreaded but beautiful clownfish! Happy reading.

Home Sweet Home At Last!

Wow!  It has been a long road to get to this point, but I am happy to report that my family and I are finally settled into our new home in metro Atlanta.  We closed on our new home on September 13th, moved in on September 14th, and have been busy as all get out ever since!  LOL  Here's a quick recap:

We worked endlessly trying to get the house unpacked and ready for the onslaught of both Randy's and my families for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We made it...barely.  Finished putting the last finishing touches on the house the day my brother, sister in law, and niece arrived, but hey, we did it!  We had a wonderful time with the family visiting and then hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our new home, but boy was it exhausting.  After the Thanksgiving holiday, we quickly got into holiday mode and celebrated Hannukah and Christmas for the first time this year since Derek is now old enough to "get it."  And boy did he get it....after the 2nd night of Hannukah he decided this was A-okay with him, and demanded to open presents each night.  LOL  Christmas was also nice with everyone in Randy's family with us on Christmas Eve day to exchange gifts and let the kids play.  Everyone had a great time, and we capped the afternoon with a surprise revealing of our big news - baby #2 is on the way and is expected to make his / her appearance in early August.  We are very excited.

Right after Thanksgiving was over and we had a moment to breath, I finally was able to put up my puzzle in its new home.  I am SOO excited to finally have a dedicated room to doing the puzzle where I don't have to constantly roll it up and put it away to get it out of the way.  Now I just close the door and it all stays right where I left it.  It's awesome.  It has really facilitated my being able to work on it more consistently.

I decided to buy a large piece of pressboard to put the puzzle on so that I didn't have to keep using the puzzle roll.  While the puzzle roll is awesome and does a great job of keeping your puzzle together, the felt that it sits on is so ungiving that trying to move any little piece to make an adjustment and fit two large sections together was almost impossible as the pieces would not budge without buckling.  I thought it would be rather easy to take the puzzle off the roll and put it directly onto the board...boy was I wrong!  It was a painstaking process and not without its fairshare of casulties.  Although, in the long run I guess it wasn't so bad.  I did have a bit of re-work to do, but it wasn't too bad.  It only took me a day or two of working on it for a bit to get most of it back together the way I had had it on the puzzle roll.  It was well worth it in the end though because now it is being put together directly on the press board and it's very easy to slide things around when I need to.

The following pictures did not come out well as apparently I did not have the flash on while taking them.  The room is very dark, and I have since gotten two floor lamps to help light up the area so it's much easier to work on now.  I have made significantly more progress in the last month since I've gotten to work on it for several hours at a time, and one day even most of the day as Randy took Derek off my hands for a majority of the day.  That was awesome!  And something I hope to repeat again in the near future.  LOL

My goal for right now is to get this first section completed before baby #2 makes it's arrival.  I think I might actually be able to get this accomplished since I'm already over halfway done with the section.

Okay, here are a couple of pictures...more recent ones to follow in the next post.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long, drawn out process.  I believe I will be making a lot more significant progress between  now and August.  :o)