Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life After "Life"

I know it will be years before I complete the Life puzzle, but I am already lining up future puzzling projects that I'd like to give a shot after this one is finished.  Not nearly as big as Life, but still beautiful pictures nonetheless.  Here's some of the ones I'm most interested in getting:

GOOD OLD DAYS - 6,000 pieces by Nicky Boehme

ASTROLOGY - 9,000 pieces by Ravensburger

MAGNA CARTA - 6,000 pieces

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - 6,000 pieces by Clementoni

CONTENTMENT - 3,000 pieces by Nick Boehme

SKYLINES OF THE WORLD - 18,000 pieces by Ravensburger

VIEWS OF MODERN ROME - 5,000 pieces by Ravensburger

4 HISTORIC WORLD MAPS - 18,000 pieces by Ravensburger

Craigslist - $30 plus shipping

NOTHING IS AS PRETTY AS A RIZZI CITY - 5,000 pieces by Ravensburger
Craigslist - $20 plus shipping


  1. HA! You are an addict! Welcome to the club!

  2. Yes, I'm starting to become one....and it's all YOUR fault! Reading your blog for the last month or so has gotten me even more into puzzles than before. Thanks a lot! I'm sure my husband will just love you for this....LOL


  3. I love your choices. Why do you think it'll be years for you to finish life? Baby?

  4. Yeah, a 3 year old and a newborn in August. I’m hoping to have Section 2 done by the time baby boy #2 arrives. My progress so far has been so slow.

  5. I know how you love Thomas Kinkade, better add this to your list:

    6000 pieces: Merry XMAS

  6. Thanks, Tom! That was really nice of you to find that. I didn't know they made any of his puzzles that large. Ironically, just today I sent an email to Ceaco puzzle company who seems to make a lot of the Thomas Kinkade puzzles and suggested to them that it would be really awesome to have a large format puzzle made from a compilation of his artwork. Something similar in style perhaps to how the Royce McClue Life puzzle was done. As long as it's 18,000 pieces or more I will be a happy camper. I think it would sell well too as his stuff is very popular for puzzles.

    Thanks for showing this to me. I can't get it now, but now that I know something like that exists, I will keep an eye out for it later on when I can actually buy puzzles again. LOL