Wednesday, July 17, 2013

9,000 Astrology - Ravensburger

This puzzle is one that I fell in love with the first time I saw it.  The colors are so vibrant and given that its a Ravensburger, I know this one will be a pleasure to put together.

I couldn't pass up the good deal I got on this puzzle from Craigslist.  It was only $40 plus flat rate USPS shipping so not too bad.  The puzzle is used, but appears to be complete and includes the poster.  The seller, also a puzzler (but with little puzzling space in his current apartment), put at least part of it together, after mixing both bags, and then ran out of space to put it.  And he also doesn't have a place to display it once it is finished.  All of that equals good news for me.

In order to keep the shipping costs to a minimum, I had the seller remove the outer box and simply put the ziplock bagged pieces into a flat rate box.  It fit....barely!  So, I don't have the original box, even though it shows up in this picture.  All I have is the actual ziplock bags and poster.

I must stop buying puzzles now.  I have bought three huge puzzles in the last month and I need to stop spending money on puzzles until I have completed at least some of these new addition to the few I had already purchased (small ones) prior to purchasing Life.  I will be posting pictures of these other puzzles later today on the main blog so stay tuned.


  1. M really likes this puzzle! It looks like the color really is fantastic. I am sure we will be purchasing this one someday soon. We have only three puzzles left to complete the 9000 piece puzzles from Ravensuburger. Astrology, Underwater Paradise, and The Battle of Algiers. (Of course, there is the 9000 Garden of Earthly Delights form Educa... but we already have the 10,000 piece version...)

    1. The colors and feel of the pieces are awesome...the best I've felt so far, even on the other Ravensburger puzzles. I will try and take some pictures soon of some of the actual pieces so you can see them a little better. They are so vibrant.

  2. Hey wow........i really like this game and crazy about playing pictures jigsaw puzzles of astrology Ravensuburger....