Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm On a Roll Now!

I can't believe that I have gotten to work on the puzzle multiple times this week - it makes me sooo happy. Between yesterday and today I was able to place well over 200 pieces, I think. Very excited about that.
I have also set a new goal for myself so that I can finish this section up in a timely manner and then take a small puzzling break to do a thorough spring cleaning of my house, and to do a smaller puzzle or two before sinking my teeth into the third section. So, May 30th is my goal for completing Section 2. Randy and I are attending a family wedding in New York that weekend, and I want to fly up there knowing that Section 2 is "in the bag." So, wish me lots of luck...I'm going to need it! Hee hee Here's a picture of the last two days worth of labor - the most significant change is all the purple / pink anemone on the left side has been filled in. The yellow fish (right in the upper middle), and lots of fill in work on the bottom middle and right sides.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Weeks of Puzzling Fun

It's been three weeks since Derek started school, and I'm so pleased to report that each day it has gotten a little easier than the previous time.  He still likes me to stay with him for a few minutes or "10 and 5 minutes" as he likes to say.  LOL  I usually sneak out after just a few minutes and he seems to be doing okay with that. So, each day I have been getting in at least 45 minutes to an hour or so.  Then, I did get two nights last week where I was able to work on it for several hours straight as Randy was in Wichita, KS for the week on a business trip.  All in all a great week for puzzling! Over the weekend, I cleaned up my table and my foam boards so that I can get a true evaluation of the amount of work I have left to do for this section.  Based on this,
I am guesstimating that I have about 2,000 pieces left - give or take a couple hundred. I also took a tip from one of the members of the Flickr Big Jigsaw Puzzles group that I belong to, and ordered some foam floor tiles to use as "working boards" for the puzzle.  The texture of the foam mats will keep the pieces from sliding around too much.  I am looking forward to trying them out this week.

Monday, March 3, 2014

At Last...

Today was Derek's official first day of preschool, and it surprisingly did not start off well.  For months on end, we heard nothing but "I wanna go to school....when can I go to school?"....etc from him.  But then right before he had his "try it out - discovery day" at school back in January, he started saying that he didn't want to go.  So we kind of dropped it for a while.  Then as scheduled, he started this morning.  We told him he was going to school, but we tried to be very gentle about it and focus on how much fun he was going to have, etc.  Well, he was an emotional wreck all morning.  Crying and just not wanting to go.  If you know Derek at all, you know that this is the COMPLETE opposite of his personality.  He has more personality in his little finger than most adults.  He is a social butterfly.  Loves to play with other kids all the time, and will go up to complete strangers in any store and introduce himself, hug them, and just be completely adorable and lovable.  So that's why his tears and clinging for dear life was so surprising this morning.

We did manage to get him into the class and just had to have the teacher carry him away to concentrate on something else so we could leave.  I called to check up on him a couple of hours later and he was doing fine and starting to be his normal, exuberant self already.  So, I know he'll be just fine, but man is it difficult to leave your firstborn child when he's crying and begging you not to leave him there.

BUT!!!!  I wasted no time after coming home and got back to my puzzle table for the first time in what seems like ages!  I was able to spend about an hour, a GLORIOUS hour! with it while Cole was sleeping. It felt sooo good!  Here are some updated pictures.

This week while Derek is at school, I want to try and re-organize my remaining pieces.  Get all the pieces turned face up and organized.  Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading.