Friday, March 13, 2015

The New Age of Television Shows - A Wait and See Approach

Remember the days when you always looked forward to the start of the new fall TV season every September?  The promise of new shows to get hooked on, and the good / bad characters you would soon come to love and love to hate each and every week?   I sure do.

Nowadays, I am almost afraid to start watching a new show when it first premieres because nine times out of ten, it's going to get cancelled somewhere within the first few episodes or at most, the end of the first season.

The big networks do not give new shows enough of a chance to catch on and gain an audience.  Think about Seinfeld which almost got cancelled within its first season due to low ratings.  Can you imagine your life now without having had Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George in your family room every week?  I can't!  It seems as though a show has to be in the top 3 ratings spot from DAY ONE in order to have a shot at making it, and God forbid it should drop from that pedestal within the first season or its most likely done.  For me though, what is infinitely worse is watching and liking a show from the get go, having it get cancelled, and then getting absolutely no closure to what you had been watching up to that point.  Sooo frustrating!

I can't even begin to recite all of the shows over the last five years that I have liked and have been cancelled without really giving it a fair shake.  Thank God for DVR's because these days I'm starting to let up to 10 episodes pile up before I bother watching the first one.  It has saved me a number of times from wasting what little free TV time I have these days.

I guess this is the new age of television, but it just makes me sad.


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