Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Final Section - Progress Update

As most of you know, I started working on Section 4 in my family room while still finishing up Section 3 on the puzzle table in the basement.  Back in April I finally finished Section 3, but until today I had not had time to sit down there and flip the section over and put contact paper on the back.

Luckily, Cole took a long nap today, and Derek was willing to play in the basement while I worked to get the entire section flipped over and the contact paper added.  It took a while, and included one small puzzle mishap which cost me the re-work of about 40 pieces, but overall it didn't take too long.

After the kids went to bed, I immediately decided to take all my working boards with various subsections of the final quarter down to the basement and start laying it out on the puzzle board.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that once it was all laid out together, I had accomplished more than I thought.  :)

I would say at this point I am pretty close to the 50% mark for the section, which also means that I'm at around the 82.5% mark for completion of the entire puzzle.  WOOO HOOO!!!!  I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!

Here are a couple of pictures...

Thanks for sticking with me - we're almost there!  :)


  1. Wow this looks great! Keep going ;)
    You should post pictures when its finished!

    Greets from Switzerland

    1. Thank you, Puzzlepoint! I will be sure to take lots of pictures of this final section, as I did the other sections when completed. But I will also take great pleasure in being able to take pictures of the ENTIRE THING! LOL

  2. Hi,

    What is the contact paper for? Is it something special for puzzles?


    1. Hi Tammy, thanks for commenting. Yes, the contact paper is an alternative to gluing a puzzle on its face. If you flip the puzzle onto the backside, you can apply contact paper or an even better and more sticky 3M Adhesive backing to stick the pieces together, and then you can mount it onto something like foam board. This keeps the cost and weight down significantly over framing a finished puzzle.

  3. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for your reply. I just recently got into doing puzzles again and my boyfriend likes to help also. We were thinking about completing and framing difficult puzzles and hang them around like artwork.

    Thanks Penny, look forward to more of seeing your puzzles.

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