Thursday, October 25, 2018

I Have Returned!

You know it's a bad sign when it's been so long since you've posted anything on your blog that you can't even remember how to get it into it to create a new post!  Yep, that was me a few minutes ago...

Luckily I didn't take me very long to remember, but holy cow it has been over 2 years since my last post...that is insane!  I probably have no readers / followers left anymore, but that's okay.  I'm sure I will get new ones eventually if I can start spending a little more time creating posts.  I've recently been inspired by an online friend, Stacey, and her My Jigsaw Journal blog.  She writes a post EVERY DAY and they're amazing!  I look forward to reading each one.  While I'm confident I could never keep up that pace with full-time work and two active little munchkins, I am making an early New Year's Resolution to be better about posting.

That being said, here's a recap of what's been going on with the Life puzzle over the last couple of years.  Are you ready?

Drumroll please.....

Almost nothing!  LOL

Of course that doesn't mean I wasn't busy with other aspects of real life.  In those two years,, I got a great job at VMware which kept me busy at least 40 hours a week, sometimes more.  Two kids in school, and then in early 2017, Randy accepted a new job at our old company in Orlando, FL.  So then we began the stage of de-cluttering, packing, and prepping the house for sale...while still working and taking care of the kids 24/7 while Randy commuted between Atlanta and Orlando for many, many months.

We finally sold the house in July, 2017 and worked out a deal to rent our own house from the new owners until our new house in Orlando was finished....end of December.

The topper of it all was Thanksgiving weekend 2017 when Randy tore his Achilles Tendon!  He proceeded to be on crutches for the next seven months while trying to let it heal and avoid surgery.  Luckily he is doing really well now and life is back to normal for the most part.

We moved on Christmas Day and just a few weeks ago I finally got the puzzle table into its new home in the game room upstairs!  No rush, right?!  I decided at that point I needed to make a strong push to get this beast done finally.  I unpacked all the remaining pieces from the box and laid out all the pieces onto foam board so I can easily see them all and dug in again.

I have to say it felt great to start working on the puzzle again.  I hadn't touched it in well over a year, and even the year before that I had not made any significant progress.  I'm so close I can taste the finish line now.  I have about 1,000 pieces remaining I guesstimate.  Give or take a few.  Hee hee

Here's the top half which was completed before we left Georgia.

And here's the bottom half, most of the blue pieces were done in the last few weeks.
Excited to work on it again this weekend around spending time with visiting in-laws.  Perhaps I should put them to work helping me!  HAH!

If I have any faithful readers still out there -- THANK YOU for staying with me all these years.  I truly appreciate it and will do my best to maintain my fall New Year's Resolution.